I know we have all heard people say “Don’t let what they say about you get to you” but honestly, show me someone who does not react to whatever they must have heard about themselves. It is an ugly truth but whether what is being said is true or false; we would still think about … Continue reading ON YOUR OWN TERMS


Dearest Mirah, Assalam alaiykum waramothullah wabarakatu, glad tidings to you my darling. Today is a special day for us all as you complete another revolution, I join the league of those that genuinely love you to say Alhamdulillah. My dearest sister, it is hard for me to call you a Friend. You have proven beyond … Continue reading Letter to my Lover

Letter to my Lover

The ‘SET UP’ after 9

I remember everyday before 9 The days when I hardly had worries All I knew was to love unconditionally Male or Female It was always about the games The cry after the fights The reconciliation without apologies The bruises from pleasure The laughter from meaningless jokes The tales by moonlight.